2. July 2018
Check out our concert review about The Hollywood Vampires with Johnny Depp, Joe Perry, and Alice Cooper: https://www.curt.de/muenchen/hollywood-vampires-tollwood/
2. July 2018
Taking off to a gorgeous evening with Joe, Alice, and Johnny. Stay tuned for the pictures….coming soon! who is gonna join us tonight?
2. July 2018
curt war da: Lenny Kravitz
2. July 2018
Superstar Lenny is back on Stage!!! Looking forward to his amazing show and performance! Stay tuned for the pictures. 🤟🏻
30. April 2018
Read the review here: https://www.curt.de/muenchen/metallica/ More pictures are coming soon. Stay tuned. 😉
30. April 2018
OMG! So excited shooting this legends!!! 🤗   https://www.facebook.com/events/1649827728659918/
15. April 2018
curt war da: Imagine Dragons
15. April 2018
curt war da: Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds
15. April 2018
Oasis` main character is back on stage. And we are with him. 😉 https://www.facebook.com/events/121877001847206/
13. April 2018
„After work Party“ 🤟🏻☺️ *thankful* such a great band to shoot!!!    
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